By ScaryGal
3 years ago

Hunting Lila

First Book Review I've Ever Written

Hunting Lila, written by Sarah Alderson. Published by Simon and Schuster UK Ltd, a CBS company in 2011.

This book is the most amazing book I have ever read! Well, at least one of the most amazing books I've read this year! Not only did it get me hooked on the characters it also had me turning page after page wanting to know what happened to Jack and Lila! What would happen with Alex? Suki? Demos?

If you haven't heard of this book I strongly suggest you find a copy and read it. At first, I only picked it up because the guy selling it was starting to creep me out. I got home and opened the book and the next thing I know it's a few hours later and I'm 20 chapters in.

The book is about a girl named Lila, obviously, she has two secrets that she's about ready to take to her grave and one of them is that she is secretly in love with her brothers best friend. Another is that she has the ability to fling things across the room with just a single thought.

Sarah Alderson has you hooked from the very first sentence when she introduces us to Lila who is in a vert tricky situation when you first read. She runs away from England to find her brother in California who has been keeping a huge secret from her also but he doesn't have a secret ability, he's trying to keep people like her away from the normal people of the world. Alex, another main character, is the hunky best friend of Jacks that Lila is secretly in love with. From the first memory you hear of Alex your heart swoons for him and you instantly fall in love with the characterisation of him.

The characters that Sarah has created are credible and you feel a part of their lives and that all of this is truly happening around you, that you're actually within this fictional universe. Though Lila tries to keep her ability hidden she can't for long when things start blowing out of proportion over secrets her brother is keeping from her and surprise visits from a man who knows everything about her and her 'dead' mother.
Lila, who grew up believing, Demos killed her mother in cold blood comes face to face with him and is told her whole life was a lie and she knew nothing that she thought she knew. Her world is torn and she doesn't know what to believe or who to trust anymore.

I felt like I could relate to Lila a lot throughout the story, not because of the secret powers or the love for one of her brother's friends, because my brother's friends are a lot younger than me, but because she felt like she couldn't fit in anywhere. She felt like her whole life had been taken away from her in one quick swipe and everything was coming crashing down. Everything she thought she knew she didn't and everything was changing for her. I've felt a lot of things Lila has been through, like your whole life changing in one quick night or that you'd been lied to a lot. But I also felt the need to run away from someone like she had her father in the start of the novel.

In my opinion, the book was truly mesmerizing and really got me hooking for the next one. The cliffhanger was another for me to get online and order the next one which I am currently reading.
My favorite part of the book is when Alex finally realizing that everything he was told was also a lie and that he'd been in love with Lila since the moment she tripped down the stairs and into his arms. Unlike Lila who had fallen in love with him when she was five because she broke her leg and he pulled her home on a sled. My least favorite part would have to be the ending because it ended on a cliffhanger. I was left wondering so many questions that needed answering right away! I think if I could change anything about the book it would be the ending but I'm not going to reveal it.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has a passion for reading or anyone who loves the thought of super powers. I think people who like geeky things would personally like this book but also anyone looking for a love story that isn't like any other love story out there already.