By Sheryl
4 years ago

How to Paint Using Watercolor?

Painting of Ms. Josie Dijamco Vergara using the watercolour, she called it “The Potter” from her 1998 artwork

Materials needed:

Water color paints
Extras-pencil, kneaded eraser, some tissues, old towel or paper towels, and a couple of large metal clips for holding your watercolour paper to a board


1. Gather the materials on your work place.

2. Use your creative imagination to draw. If you have already a photo that you can use as a guide for your illustration, put it beside your working area. If you are a beginner and don’t know how to draw, that would be fine. Art goes when it’s not perfect that makes it unique from other art of work besides it takes a lot of practice to master any kind of craft. You’ll learn the techniques as you go along the way.

3. Start creating your masterpiece according to your style

4. Take the brush and dip it into the water then make a puddle on your palette so you can create a twist by mixing colors on it. You can test color through brushing it on to paper. You need to feel the brush first to know how hard or soft it is and figure-out what stroke you can make out of it. The brush quality and different angles you make can affect stroke so as to the result of your canvas.

5. After you have tested the color you want to put in on your painting board, you may now start your ingenious illustration. You need not to be serious about it, you just have to play with it according to what you want to do with your painting and have fun until your work has done.

It is like venting out your emotion and expressing yourself through painting thus it serves as a window of your soul.

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