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How to link your YouTube and Google Adwords accounts

To begin advertising on Youtube you will need to link these two accounts. This allows you to serve ads to customers watching videos on YouTube and the Google Display Network.

Follow these instructions to link your YouTube channel to an AdWords account:

Sign into your YouTube channel.
Click your channel icon or name in the upper corner of the page to select the channel you want to link.
Navigate to the left side panel of Creator Studio
Under "Channel", click "Advanced"
Under AdWords account linking, click "Link an AdWords Account"
Follow the instructions and then click Finish.
Once the owner of the AdWords account approves your request, your YouTube channel will be linked to the Adwords account.

This linking can also be done in your AdWords account as well.

This linking allows you to access additional video view statistics and additional features that you would find yourself relying upon as you start advertising.

Ad views count towards overall view count: You can view ad completion rates from linked accounts.

Add call to action overlays in videos: You can use these to share more information about the content of your video or raise interest in your channel, other videos, or additional websites.

Remarket to users who viewed your videos: You can create remarketing lists with AdWords based on viewers past interactions on your linked YouTube channels.

Report on earned views and subscriptions to your channel: You can view engagement statistics such as earned actions metrics (earned views, earned subscribers etc) from video ads from linked channels within AdWords and discover the value of your advertising for your wider YouTube strategy.

However, linking does not give the YouTube channel owner control over the AdWords account and does not let the advertiser add, delete or modify videos from the linked channel.

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