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Heartbroken, Witness protection or Enemies

When a guy approaches a woman, she should be very honest with him from the beginning. Not to say that she should reveal her deepest darkest secret but she should definitely let the guy know whether she's interested or not ( women usually know).
Many women feel a sense of guilt in letting a man know the she isn't into him, especially when a man is giving them gifts. Women who accept gifts from men they're not interested in, are cruel and heartless. Leading a man on could end in three ways heartbroken, witness protection or enemies (either way it won't end well).

1. Heartbroken
Men are usually visual creatures so for a man to really like and care about a women he needs to see something in her that is different from other women. This means that he is very emotionally involved, so for a man to find out that the woman he cares about was never interested in him could destroy him. This then could lead him to be heartbroken, insecure and also view women differently.

2. Witness protection
After finding out they were being led on, some men become delusional, which usually leads to obsession. Once obsession is involved it no longer becomes a laughing matter; it could mean that the man doesn't want to accept the situation. Quite of often these obsessed men become stalkers. In worst case scenarios having a stalker could be so serious that the woman may need to join the witness protection program.

3. Enemies
Leading a man on could be the begging of a permanent enemy. Once some men find out they were being lead on, they begin to paint the woman as a monster, so that every time they see that woman it become war.

So my advice to the women who are not bring honest to men and are leading them on, think again because it will backfire.

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