By stepinsidee
3 years ago

Hair Care Regime - 1

Suffering from hair thinning? Lack of moisture? Dry hair?
Speaking from experience and as a hairdressers point of view, this is one of the best shampoo&conditioner I have used until date!
After trying everything under the sun, the is the only shampoo that has improved the condition of my hair vastly!

Initially, I had seen it was being used by Jennifer Anniston, so I assumed it would be a con as it is being advertised by a celebrity! However, there was no harm in trying and testing it myself, right? From the first use I noticed so much difference! My hair instantly felt thicker and full of volume, and the amount it grew in just 2 weeks was amazing!

When used properly l, it lasts long and isnt pricey at all. Whilst washing your hair with this product your will feel dry, but once condioned it will go normal!

I will continue the regime with after care products to use.

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