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Good evening friends!

"From the dreadful winter, snow is clouding the snow,
  Long trailing trojans gathered in the heavens;
  Flight flares, floating in the air like a whirlwind of whales,
  Spreading the icy flowers of the Dalmatian shoulders.

  The day is snowing, the night is snowing, the snow is snowing in the morning!
  With a silver coat, the country proudly dressed;
  The pale and pale sun is set amid the clouds
  Like a dream of youth among the passing years.

  It's white in the field, on the hills, around, in the distance,
  Like white phantasms, inspirational poplars look like,
  And the wilderness, without traces, without the road,
  We see the perished villages under the smoke of the smoke.

  But the snow stops, the clouds run away, the sun desires
  Shines and dips the ocean of snow.
  In a light sled that goes over the valley ...
  There was a jolt of zurgalai in the vau.

pastels "

Winter - Vasile Alecsandri


"Din vazduh cumplita iarna cerne norii de zapada,
Lungi troiene calatoare adunate-n cer gramada;
Fulgii zbor, plutesc in aer ca un roi de fluturi albi,
Raspandind flori de gheata pe ai tarii umeri dalbi.

Ziua ninge, noaptea ninge, dimineata ninge iara!
Cu o zale argintie se imbraca mandra tara;
Soarele rotund si palid se prevede printre nori
Ca un vis de tinerete printre anii trecatori.

Tot e alb pe camp, pe dealuri, imprejur, in departare,
Ca fantasme albe plopii insirati se perd in zare,
Si pe-ntinderea pustie, fara urme, fara drum,
Se vad satele perdute sub clabuci albii de fum.

Dar ninsoarea inceteaza, norii fug, doritul soare
Straluceste si dismiarda oceanul de ninsoare.
Intr-o sanie usoara care trece peste vai ...
In vazduh voios rasuna clinchete de zurgalai.


Iarna - Vasile Alecsandri


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Violeta Interesting article dear
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eugenemeric @Violeta Thanks Violeta! :)
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waflay Some touching lines. One great poet you are..
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eugenemeric @waflay Thanks me friend. The lyrics of this post is written by the great poet Vasile Alexandri.
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Lucia5 Frumoase nemuritoarele pasteluri ale lui Alexandri!
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