By angelag139
6 years ago


Many people have loads of friends however as you get older you tend to find out who your real,true friends are. You go from having loads of friends to being able to count them on your hands.

Many people be all lovely to your face but then proper talks about you behind your back to other people. Its wrong and disrespectful. People should treat people the way they would like to be treated.

People's personality and how they react is all due to their up bringing so basically what I mean is when youve had a terrible up bringing from your parents or caregiver then they may bully others as they think it's acceptable to do so due to their up bringing.

Some people feel like they are more confident when they are with their friends but when they are on their own they feel shy.

Some people bring out the goodness out of people for an example bringing people out of their shell and making them feel better about themselves.

Its always good to have friendship with people which is strong and no one can break it or get in the way of it. Having that friendship with someone who is always there for you and supports you through everything means the most and is closest people to your heart.

As time goes on and years pass by, you will find out who is there for you and who isn't. Believe me.
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ze2000 It's sad to see when you grow up that your friends become acquaintances...
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Borderline true
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