By hirakhan
3 years ago

French Toast Roll Ups

Made FRENCH TOAST ROLL UPS for breakfast today.
My little sister made it once and since then my son is asking me to make them. He absolutely loved these so i made these today for my baby <3
Things you will need are, bread slices, philadelphia, chopped strawberries, egg, milk, sugar, cinnamon powder, and whipped cream or chocolate sauce (that's optional thought)

Take the bread slices,cut the edges. Flatten a bit with rolling pin, spread cream cheese generously ,place some chopped strawberries and roll it. Whisk one egg with 2tbsp milk. Dip the roll in that mixture and shallow fry in 1tbsp butter until golden, mix together some sugar n cinnamon powder in a separate plate, right after frying french toast rolls, roll them in sugar cinnamon mixture. Serve with cream, nutella or any chocolate sauce.
I like strawberries so i used strawberries, you can try different combinations like
banana with nutella
strawberries with nutella
mixed berries
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suzzane your recipes looks delicious, love your way of writing
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