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3 years ago

Fox Studios delays Dark Phoenix movie release

For those of us who like the updated version of the Marvel roster of super heroes, there is some bad news for all of us concerning the release date of the "Dark Phoenix" motion picture that was supposed to be released on November 2, 2018 to February 14, 2019 since the Fox Studios who own the rights of the X Men franchise will have to do some reshoots of the movie.
The reshoots of the "New Mutants" movie will cost around $10 million dollars since Fox Studios know the old saying "He who has the gold, writes the rules."
I am sure that Fox studios wants to be sure that the plot of the movie will appeal to their target audience who are younger than myself.
I remember when the "Wonder Woman" movie had problems in locating a director to direct the movie of the iconic character of D C Comics.
Patty Jenkins who directed the first "Wonder Woman" movie became famous when the movie was released in the summer of 2017.
Then the controversy of director Zack Snyder having to leave the directors seat when a member of his family passed away, he passed the baton to Josh Wheldon who did some reshoots of the movie "Justice League: that was released in November 2018.
Sad to say "Justice League" did not fare well in the box office as "Wonder Woman" did but that is the way the ball bounces in the movie industry.
I know when New Mutants gets released on Valentine's Day in 2019, I am sure the movie will be a box office smash since "Deadpool" and "Black Panther" who were released on Valentine's Day a few years apart were box office smash hits.
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