By Dawn96h
3 years ago

Following on from weekend update

So my last post ended up cut off short.. so I'll carry on from me showing my partner engagement rings.. I hope he got the hint. He says maybe one day!! So I guess we'll see!
On Saturday we went up to a shopping centre and left the baby with my mum,she adores him! The whole point of going there was so I could find a nice fitted long black dress with lace at the top after hours of looking for the perfect one I ended up in River Island and found the one I pictured!! Was only £26 such a bargain right!? My partner ended up spending a ridiculous amount on 2 Fred Perry jackets and a lacoste hat and Zara shorts! Such a joke!! Could never spend so much on clothes! Rather a holiday! Had a "cheeky nandos" and ended up eating so much ice! My latest obsession sense the end of my pregnancy!! Ended up getting creams as well! Had strawberries and melted chocolate with a hot chocolate and marshmellows! Heaven right!!? Got home and put some vampire diaries on!! Team Damon!!!
Sunday: saw an old friend I hadn't seen for a year ,it was so nice to see her and catch up! So much had happened to her in these last few months and it breaks my heart cos she's such a nice kind hearted person who is always getting walked over. Her kindness gets taken advantage of and it shouldn't. Be seeing her again in the week! Went to my partner's nans with our son so she could see him! It's so nice having a family who wants to be involved with him! I'm so far from mine as I moved from America but tbh my family made no contact with me really.
Anyway that's enough of my weekend hope everyone else had a lovely one!
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bee He may suprise you. Fingers crossed x
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ze2000 Branded clothing nowadays is a waste of money. Quality is not like it used to be...
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