By angelag139
3 years ago


So many people wear all these branded clothes such as Nike, superdry, Calvin Klein and many more other ones just because their mates have them.

I believe that it shouldn't matter what you wear you shouldn't have to try and be someone your not. If they are truely your friends then they wouldn't careless what clothes you wear as they will always stand by you no matter what. I believe that you should be yourself around people and wear the clothing that you feel is comfortable for you! So what If people judge you. You'll find out that the people who judge you actually are dealing with issues themselves.

Don't follow the crowd, do what I do and standout away from the crowd. As being different is what makes you, you today!
3 years
ze2000 Style > fashion. Hate swim groups of people all dressed up the same. And UK is not too bad, you should see other countries...
3 years
2 years
Shavkat It is nice to have our own fashion sense
2 years