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3 years ago

Emotional pathways people take in life/personal views.

There are many different pathways in life which people decide to take. These pathways could be picked when they are feeling emotional or physically affected, how people are feeling at that moment of time depends on what pathway they decide to take in life. When people tend to pick the wrong pathways they normally regret later on in life taking out the actions that they did.

Examples: When someone is feeling emotionally depressed they would probably take the pathway in life which would affect their education so in other words their education would lack. People would tend to pick pathways to fit in with other people like taking drugs doing alcohol and smoking. However people who are feel happy and great! they would take the better pathway which is focusing on education and friends being able to achieve their goals in life.

When someone is feeling physically affected due to the emotional affected they would most likely take the pathway which they may self harm or badly hurt themselves. People would even have surcide thoughts which many people have jumped off the runcorn bridge penty of times before now forever seeing these type of situations published on social medias, on news pages, on the radio and even on tv!

Bullying: People normally get bullied in schools, colleges and even work places. However people who normally bully the victim, the bullies only bully other people because they feel jealous of others and how others look. For an example the bully would say your fat, your hair looks terrible, your make up is a mess. They most likely only say these words because they are jealous of how others look because they rather be skinny, pretty and have lovely hair. From what i have recently found out though is that now bullying is actually a crime which basically means people who bully others can actually get arrested for doing so.

News: There are many different people who commit a crime but i have noticed that there is a patten with them. The people who commit the crime normally have a medical problem. Hearing about people killing themselves because of their relationship break ups or abuse is honestly heartbreaking but suppose that is their choice in life and suppose they decided to pick that type of pathway to go down in life.

Terrible up bringings: There are loads of children who have been put into care homes due to their parents not being able to look after them or generally sometimes its due to them being on drugs so their child is basically took of their parents by the police,social workers and other agencies which then the child is given to a better home. Many people/children have faced loads of different types of abuse in life such as physical abuse, neglect abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse and many others. Peoples decisions in life are normally affected due to the way they have been brought up by their parents this also affects peoples pathways in life.

My personal view: Honestly my view on these side of things is that everyone should be treated the way they would like to be treated themselves. I believe that everyone should be treated equally. I also believe that its disgusting how some parents actually treat their own child i believe that if you dont want a child then you shouldnt take that risk on making one. Its not the childs fault, the child doesnt get a choice to be born in this world it just happens.

I just want everyone to know that i am a very caring person i would do anything to make sure that everyone is ok. So if any of you guys are having any problems during your life, please promise me that you will atleast speak to someone about it, it doesnt have to be to me but at least someone. I just want to make it clear that no one is on their own ever!
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bee so true @angelag139
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ze2000 The way society is evolving is forcing people to make bad decisions. There is too much pressure to follow the trends and when people realise that they´re victims of this it´s too late because they´ve wasted the most productive years of their life just trying to "fit".
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