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If u want to earn money by guessing emotions. You are in the right place!

It may sound easy but the truth is many people had tried and blocked by this website. All i can say is they are so perfectionist. They will check your task for quality control 3-5 days if your task is approved or fail you will received email. 5-7 days (excluded weekends) to received your payment in paypal or payoneer. You can open it thru google chrome then use Cellphone or PC to open the website.

First, You need is to pass the basic english test. How to pass? My only tip to you is read the choices then Listen carefully to the audio because the answer will be about the audio.
If you failed the basic english test they will blocked you.

Second is to study the tutorial. When i discover this free and paying site. I'm like back in elementary days. I study the Basic Emotions, Mental States and Behavior, Mental Effort, Conversation, Person & Situation.

I answer the exam test so i can know what is my strengths and weaknesses.

The next step i do is answer the demo task. My mind telling me. I know i can do it just focus in the video. I played the video for 5 to 10times 😂 When I passed! I'm so happy because i got my 1$

About the tasks they appeared anytime so just visit the tasksboard every hour or join in support group chat about emotion miner.

In Standard Task it's worth is 5$ There are 15 videos and 30 fragments. You should finish it in 7 days.

In Extended task it's worth is 15$
There are 45 videos and 30 video fragments. You should finish it in 7 days.

In Jedi task it's worth is 70$
There are 150 videos and 30 video fragments. You should finish it in 7 days.

Tips from One of my Mentor
* If there are 9 choices. You should have 3 answer. If there are 6 choices. There are 1 or more answers.
* The last video fragment where is about the full video of the task you should answer none of this.
*Write in a notebook all about the emotions so everytime your answering u can check it.

You can focus yourself thru Inviting. Mine i first started thru inviting. For every invite that passed the task you can get 10%. Every saturday you will received your network bonus.

If you have many invites then you answer the tasks and you failed more than once you and your invites will be blocked.

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