By sakura
3 years ago

Earning Money in Survey

I discovered free and paying survey because of my friend sis Jeshua. At first i didn't trust her because it's unusual to me but i still try it.

All she adviced me i followed her. Like creating paypal account and buying gcash mastercard and that starts my Online Work.

The first survey i tried that i get money is STREETBEES. I'm thankful for this app because it opens lots of oppurtunities to me.

Not only i can get money but i found a group that also help me to increased my earnings more. All posted there are free, legit and paying apps and websites.

How to earn in Streetbees?
You just have to invite people to use your referral code and they should also answer the survey to get 1$

The survey is so easy! Sad to say the surveys only appears twice a month but if your from USA the worth of survey is 2$-5$ depending in their topic. In philippines we have many users so if it appears in the app. Not all can get surveys.