By marnie
3 years ago

Dream of a Lifetime!!

There is this dream that I have been holding onto since January of 2012!! It has been with me ever since then!! Here is my dream story: I wasn't taking my meds for over two weeks straight and I felt really depressed. It got to a point where I was wanting to not live anymore. I was crying nonstop and really wanted to go home to God. Then on January 11th of 2012 when I want to sleep, I had this most amazing dream that I will never ever forget!! I remember falling asleep crying and then all of a sudden I saw three outlines with bright white lights filling each of them!! They were so bright that it looked like the light of heaven!! That's when I felt that they were my three Angels watching over me!! It felt so peaceful and loving to be in my Angels presence!! Then another presence entered my dream alongside my three Angels. It was a presence of love, grace and protection!! I knew this presence all too well!! It was my Higher Power!! It was God himself!!

I remember not seeing a face and then a hand reaching out to hold my hand with a golden ring on one of His fingers!! It felt so real!! It was as if it was really happening to me!! Then I heard a voice tell me "Marnie, I want you here on earth, I will protect you and guide you, I love you. Please stay here on earth!!" This dream felt so loving!! It felt like I was in heaven!! Then I woke up and the dream has been with me ever since!! Now, it's almost 2018 and I still remember this dream like it was yesterday!! This dream was a big wake up call for me!! Now I know that I'm always cared for and loved by my Higher Power and that He will always be with me every day of my life, now and forevermore!!

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