By ScaryGal
3 years ago

Double Standards

This article is called Double Standards because I really didn't know what else to call it. This is basically just going to be a short or maybe long rant depending on how into it I get. This rant is about a friend of mine, well I say friend he's more of an annoying person that just won't leave you alone.

So hi that's me in the photo! I'm Leigh and this is a ''small'' rant on a guy I know that just really winds me up. It's been bothering me for quite some time and I've decided to get it all off my chest and rant about it. Please if you have anyone like this in your life share it with me :D

I have a friend, now I am going to put names because I really just can't be bothered with changing any names anymore. You will be named and you will be shamed. Stephen an old friend of mine, known him for around four years now. I attended college with him when I was on Art and we were quite close friends. I changed courses and we lost contact. On 28th June 2016, this guy walked back into my life and we became quite close again, we hung out, we texted we called and we skyped like usual friends do. This was all fine and dandy until 25th November 2016 when myself, him and a friend of his all went back to his flat to watch movies. I was calmly watching the movie when Stephen made a move on me, I told him to politely back off and he did. Throughout the night I felt super uncomfortable and stayed away from him. I couldn't get back home because his friend was drinking so I stayed the night in the bedroom while he was out on the sofa. Moving on to a couple weeks later he tells me that he is ''in love with me'' now, I say that in quotation marks because this guy falls in love with anything that pays attention to him. He catches feelings quicker than a crack head gets drugs. I told him I didn't feel the same and we remained friends. Or so I thought.

Christmas day I went round to his flat with him and his friend again to watch movies, my home life was pretty bad as my stepfather of 13 years walked out with no explanation but that's another story. We were all having a quiet drink when Stephen began to give me more drinks, I was already super pissed and I was just taking them, yes my own fault I know that. But what was not my fault was being pinned to a fridge by my neck and having my shirt taken off and changed into one of his and put into the bathroom to throw up. I was clean and I didn't have thrown up down my own shirt so I saw no need to have mine taken away.

I don't remember anything after being put into the bathroom and the next day I went home with a strange bite mark on my shoulder next to my neck, I thought it was maybe just where I had fallen over and passed it off as nothing.

A couple weeks later Near years came around and I went back round. I did no drink and I slept on the sofa next to his friend who was on the floor on the air mattress. Two weeks later I'm at home, on my laptop doing some college work as my mom was in the hospital from having kidney failure. I stayed off college so I could care for the house and my two younger brothers. Stephen's friend, who will remain nameless because he's done nothing wrong, messaged me and asked me a few questions. He asked me if I was serious about Stephen and if so why was I messing with his feelings. I was confused and asked him to explain.

Turns out that Stephen had been telling his friends, since November, that he had been sleeping with me and taking me out on dates. I denied them because none of it was true and told him my side of the story. I never left the house long enough to get a date nevermind go and sleep with someone. Stephen had gone as far as to leave condoms all over his house saying I had used them with him and that I was messing around with his feelings and leading him on and saying I loved him. None of which was true.

I let it slide, again my fault, and pretended I knew nothing of the sort. I moved on until recently. He started to date one of my best friends who I've known for two years. This was fine and I was glad he was leaving me alone. Me and his friend had bonded over talking about memes and our awkwardness and we decided to hang out on our own and not tell anyone. Somehow Stephen found out and flipped about it. Told me I was wrong to do such a thing and how much of a 'dirty hoe' I was being about it. We left it all alone.

This past month Stephen has done nothing but tell me his friend is sleeping with other people, which I know may or may not be true because I don't date him so if he is, he is it's not down to me and he keeps telling me that he is annoyed. But he is using his friend and a person who doesn't exsit as a example of me and his friend.

''He was out with her the other night it's disgusting I've been nothing but nice to them for years and they've done this to me''

I finally had enough and snapped. ''At the end of the day they're both over the age of 20 you don't own either of them and if they want to hang out or date they can it has nothing to do with you. They're their own people they decide what they do and don't get to do you are not their parent'' He left it alone and then messaged me again. ''It isn't fair though, he knows I love her and I would do anything for her'' I was annoyed at this and ignored him for a week. He continued to message me and I continued to ignore him.

This morning I wrote. ''We're adults, we can hang out if we want to. At the end of the day, why is it fair that you get to date my friends but I can't even be friends with one of your friends. Besides the fact that you're a total arse about everything you do nothing but put me down on a day to day basis and I want nothing more to do with you. I want you to leave me alone and never contact me. I want nothing to do with you anymore and I want nothing to do with your girlfriend. You caused damage back in January when you told everyone you almost got me pregnant, you ruined my reputation and the fact that you told people you took my virginity when clearly you haven't actually hurt me. You were supposed to be my friend and you can deny it all you want but I've been told by more than one person and that's enough for me to believe. I don't care what you say anymore nothing you do will take this back.''

this probably isn't double standards but I needed a title ;)

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