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( I wrote this blog on March 5, 2004 in one of the websites where I used to join and this was also re published in s

"Be not ashamed woman, you are the gate of the body; you are the gate of the soul." I found these words while browsing over some books in the National Bookstore at Munoz, Quezon City some time in 1996. They had been so powerful to me that they energized and moved me toward what i am today.

Twelve years of parenting alone to my five children is a tough job. I needed some power to strengthen my soul. Looking at my life as it was and today, i can say that somehow I made it in my own humble way. I read a lot of books, John Powell, Robin Norwood, Erica Jung and many more...and of course the Bible. Somehow books strengthened my spirit. I have supported myself and my five children alone, without any financial, emotional, or moral support of a husband or a family.Despite the bitterness of suffering alone, of trying to make ends met solely by myself, I survived. Today I am writing to tell women the most important lesson I learned in life.

Men are powerful image of strength. At many times I thought that someday, somehow, a man shall come to my rescue, to mend and rebuild the shattered rainbow of my life. It never happened. I have sought to find them; I met a lot of them.However, every experience I have only made me realize that I was never meant to seek refuge in men's frailties nor I am to keep their secrets and be forgiving of their cruelty. I was never meant to provide comfort for their loneliness and insecurity; nor to provide immediate validation of themselves. Yes, I've learned that "men do not complete us, women." It is ourselves that complete us. I am the reason for my being, my happiness and my destiny.

Being a teacher gives a humble security from the economic ups and downs of life. Or maybe if I had plenty of money, it could have been different then. Yet strength does not entirely depend on how much money you have. Neither it is reflected on how one looks from the outside; for always we can facade cool and unaffected despite the fact that we can wrestle continuously with conflict and ambiguity deep inside us. In myself I could have chosen to be tough and rough, to hate the world and face it with hypocrisy and sarcasm. However if I did, I could have deprived myself the wonder and joy of giving, of taking chances,of loving and even of failing and breaking, and growing up again. In myself I remained a woman whose eyes twinkle when in love and still a woman who cried bags of tears when the chances I took failed. I laughed at myself at my silliest fantasies and imagination. I shared smiles, giggles and laughter with my fellow with down to earth truthfulness. I deliciously savored the moments of my freedom and being friend to myself. Strength became the reflection of my totality, not because I stand tall and proud over my burdens but because I knew I am weak and I accept myself as I am. I submitted my weaknesses to God for if I had been stronger then, I might have no need of Him. I thank God that I am weak, that I am becoming. I love myself, my most valuable asset, my best and kindest friend.

Women, we ought to know this fact. We are the creator of our own happiness. Life is full of magic. WE have the power to let this magic unfold their secrets before us in order for us to enjoy life even more. Despite drudgeries....despite broken dreams and shattered rainbows.. despite burdens.

Stay beautiful
But don't stay down underground too long
Don't turn into a mole
or a worm or a root
or a stone.

Come on out into the sunlight
Breath the trees
Knock the mountains
Commune with snakes
And be the hero of birds

Don't forget to poke your head up
and blink
walk all around
Swim upstream.

Don't forget to fly!


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