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Different Models of Packaging Foam

The foam film has many advantages that make it an attractive use for movers or furniture sales professionals. Indeed, it is a roll of polyethylene foam that is both elastic, flexible and flexible. This allows him to marry the shape of the object or piece of furniture that he protects against blows and shocks. Being impervious, it prevents dust and any dirt from penetrating its layer of foam and thus reaching the piece of furniture or the object packaged. This is ideal for long-term storage.

But that's not all ! The foam roller also has the advantage of being light, allowing you to protect your business and your furniture without weighing it down. It is also odorless (odorless), insulating and suitable for food contact. Finally, it is anti-scratch, which is essential for carrying fragile surfaces such as glass or bodywork.

What are the possible uses of the roll foam?

The timing foam used mainly in moving to cover and protect furniture and fragile items such as a mirror or vase. But it can be used by furniture professionals to transport their furniture (armchairs, sofas, etc.) or glaziers to protect windows and glass surfaces. And why not e-merchants to stall their products in packages before shipping?

The second possible use of the packaging foam is to prevent the formation of scratches on fragile surfaces such as windows, glass or the body. This is all the more important as the slightest scratch is immediately visible on this type of object.

Finally, the protective foam can very well be used for storing objects or furniture. Thanks to its impermeability and its insulation, the furniture or the stored object will remain intact and clean as in the first day whatever the storage conditions (humidity, high heat, etc.)!

What are the different models of packaging foam?

The foam roller is usually made of polyethylene (PE) foam but there are models that make a blend of flexfoam foam film and bubble film to provide ever more effective protection of packaged objects.

As for packaging, it is generally rolled from 50 to 500 meters long for a width of between 60 cm and 150 cm. The most important is to choose the thickness of the foam because it determines its level of protection: the thicker the cushioning foam , the more it is protective. Thus, we offer protective foam rolls of 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm and 10 mm thick. The former only serves to protect fragile surfaces by preventing the appearance of scratches while the latter absorbs shocks and protects its contents.
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