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Depression: The diminished capacity to cope with everyday life

Firstly, there is a lot of stigma attached to Mental Health. Some may assume that anything they read that adheres to Mental health may be deemed to have negative implications; that is untrue. Another stigma of mental health is the assumption that if you are on any medication for your mental ailment that you have been admited to hospital. That is infact untrue, as many people with mental health struggles can still see professionals without have being admited to any mental health institution against their will.

How do you know you have depression?

Firstly, to define depression is to be the opposite of happy or content, to have a vast amount of apathy, self-neglect and also deep sadness. This can tie into mental illness as, when that depression diminishes your capacity to function in every day life, when it seems like an impossible task to do every day things because on is depressed. You could have depression.

Do not be alarmed!
There are various types of depression. Firstly there is Seasonal Effective Disorder (SAD) which is when one acquires depressing according to the season/time of year. There is also "Major" Depression, which can be defined as being clinically depressed, having a chemical imbalance in your brain which Inhibits you from living your life and having long-lasting apathy, sadness. The opposite is lastly known as mild depression which, indeed, can be overcome with either antidepressants, therapy or even as little as Willpower.

Is depression treatable?

Depression is perfectly treatable , but it is not going to be Some thing that happens over night. First, the underlying reason why a person is depressed must first be brought to light to harness the problem and then tackle the depression. The treatment start by taking up old hobbies that you said you didn't enjoy now, being around people that make you happy, laughing, therapy, medication. There are various ways depression can be treated. And subsequently, if you dont let depression beat you, don't let it ruin your life or any aspirations you may have because your journey starts now.

Never give up...

"Stars cannot shine without darkness", indeed, life consists of duality, that is, it is made up of good entites and bad entites that need to coexist in order for the universe to thrive. In order for us to understand and identify what is bad and what is evil, what makes us unhappy; sad. So, you cannot tackle depression without realising that yes life has downs but no matter what obsticles you may face: you can overcome them.
"The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man cannot be perfected without trials..."
-Chinese Proverb
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