By maryana36
3 years ago

Curiosities in the animal world

The kangaroo can not go back; has a bounce of more than 12 meters and salt at a speed of more than 60 km / h.

The polar bear's fur is white because the middle of the fur coat is empty and through it reflects more light than in snow and ice; In winter, his coat turns yellow. The skin of a polar bear is black.

The elephant does not see very well but the ears and nose help it, smell the water at 4 km away and it is the only animal that can not jump.

The elephant is very tall, between 3 and 4.5 m, weighs 5,000-7,000 kg, eats around 225 kg of food a day and drinks 90 liters of water.

Lilac is the only flying mammal. In some parts of the world lilac takes the place of bees in the pollination of flowers. Eat insects one night as half the weight of the body.

The polar bear is left-handed. The polar bear can constantly swim 100 km.

A giraffe has the same number of bones in the neck structure as the man even if its neck is a few dozen times longer than a human.

Dolphins sleep with an open eye. They can move their eyes apart from the other, looking one in one direction and the other in another direction.

The tiger also has striped skin, not just fur. There are not 2 striped tigers, just as there are not two people with the same footprint.

The crocodile has transparent eyelids that close when it sinks and lets it see through the water.

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