By Priscilla
3 years ago

Chicken steak with mushrooms and cream


4 chicken steaks
1-2 stalks of leeks onion
1 small pot of sour cream
9-10 mushrooms
150 g of yellow cheese
3-4 tablespoons White wine
3-4 tablespoons Oil or butter


Washed and dried steaks with pepper place in a deep pan.
Place the leek and mushrooms cut at the top.
Pour cream, wine, fat and some warm water (about two fingers).

Cover the tray with a foil or lid and bake the dish for about 35-40 minutes until the meat is baking well.
Then remove it, remove the foil, bake the dish with the grated cheese and reheat it for about ten minutes, but this time open.
3 years
Borderline omg that looks incredibly nice
3 years
3 years
Priscilla It's very tasty..!!! - you must try :)
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