By Shavkat
1 years ago

Can You Live Modesty Lifestyle in the Society

Some people can never accept the fact of being down to earth. It is difficult to understand some air-headed individuals. I bow my head to simple people who are so being modest in every situation. Once you’ve had done something wrong in public, people can perceive who you really are. For instance, a person who loves to talk down to anybody on his or her sights. Bragging so many things to uplift oneself compared to others are so pathetic attitude. They can’t wait for others to notice his or her capabilities.

People can deceive innocent souls. They can pretend to be good and show how to care for others. The question is, “How long can they sustain deception?” In fact, they are just cheating themselves. Eventually, two faces will be unleashed without noticing it. Real persona can still be noticeable through dominating others. The situation will destroy their credibility but continues to find another scheme to regain respect. The real fact, people will start to stay away from them.

A modest lifestyle can bring out the natural way and not by controlling oneself to have a good image. If people wanted to change, then it would be a strong will to change. It is not by just saying such a statement, through action can be seen. Inner peace can still a good way to know what makes people dislike a person who is full of himself or herself. Reflection of oneself is the best hope for a person to change into a new leaf. It takes a lot of courage because some people need to give all the effort to be loved by others.

Nowadays, martyrdom and timid are starting to fade away. They had learned the different personalities of people through experience. These people open their eyes to learn how to cope up and able to deal with them. But, it takes a lot of practice to determine the real attitude of a person. It is not only looking at their eyes but through the way they carry themselves. Modesty cannot be acquired instantly. It takes time for a person to embrace this quality.

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