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British birds in danger and some doing well

An annual report released by the RSPB and other wildlife groups paints a mixed picture of British bird life. The survey relies on the work of volunteers around the country to keep an eye on the UK bird population.

The report says a quarter of British birds are in danger and need help and the amount that needs help are 67%.

Birds like the Kittiwake, for example, are facing tough times as the number of sand eels they depend on has dropped. The Curlew and the Puffin are also two species in danger and have been added to the red list a list showing birds in need of special help if they are to survive.

Whilst highlighting the dangers to our bird population there are also successes like numbers of Red Kites have drastically improved in their numbers. 22 species are doing well with Dr. Mark Eaton a conservationist for the RSPB saying these birds are of the least concern now.

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