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Book Review: The Upside of Falling Down


The Upside of Falling Down
A Novel
by Rebekah Crane
Skyscape and Two Lions

Teens & YA
Pub Date 30 Jan 2018

I am reviewing a copy of The Upside of Falling Down through Skyscape and Netgalley:
Clementine Haas is the lone survivor of a plane crash, everyone tells her she's lucky to be alive. More than anything though Clementine wants to discover herself.

Clementine does not feel lucky, despite surviving, she feels lost.

Clementine has the relentless Irish Press bearing down on her, and a Father she likely won't recognize coming from America to take her home, Clementine decides to take on a new identity and enlists a blue eyed Irish stranger Kieran O'Connell to help her escape and start a new life.

Clementine hides in the sleepy town of Waterville Ireland, where she discovers there's an upside to a life that has fallen apart. But as her lies grow so does her affection for Kieran and she finds the truth about her identity becoming harder to reveal. Leaving Clementine with an impossible choice can she leave her past behind for a new love she'll never forget?

I give The Upside of Falling Down five out of five stars!

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