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Book Review: The Sound of Freedom


The Sound of Freedom
by Kathy Kacer
Annick Press Ltd.

Annick Press
Children's Fiction , History
Pub Date 13 Mar 2018

I am reviewing a copy of The Sound of Freedom through Annick Press and Netgalley:

Anna and her family have one hope left in order to escape certain doom. In 1936 things are getting exceedingly dangerous for the Jews of Krakow. As violence increase daily Anna begs her Father to leave Poland but time and time again he tells her that is not possible. He cannot give up his place as acclaimed clarinetist in the Krakow Philharmonic Orchestra. Anna and her Father barely escape a group of violent thugs, making it clear that the family must leave.

How will they leave? Their seems to be only one option Bronislaw Huberman a world renowned violinist is auditioning Jewish Magicians for a new orchestra in Palestine. If they are accepted they and their families will be given exit visas.

Anna and her Grandmother decide to write Hubetman giving her Father an audition, but will it be enough?

The Sound of Freedom is a fictionalized account of prewar Poland and Palestine its a story of sacrifice, loss and survival.

I give The Sound of Freedom five out of five stars!

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