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Book Review: She is Free


She Is Free

Learning the Truth about the Lies that Hold You Captive
by Andi Andrew

Baker Books


Pub Date 03 Oct 2017

I am reviewing a copy of She is Free through Baker Books and Netgalley:

Sadly many of us who profess Christianity still live in fear and uncertainty. We often feel trapped by emotional pain. A cycle that can have us questioning our own insanity.

God does not want us to feel that we are being held captive by our own thoughts. The author points out too that freedom is a work in progress. The author goes on to stress the importance of knowing God!

The author reminds us just as parents want to get to know us, and spend time with us, the same as any good parent would want to spend time with their children.

The author goes on to remind us that our pain can become our platform. We are reminded too of the importance of forgiving ourselves as well as others. And I Andrew remindsus tay forgiveness is a constant choice.

We are reminded too that fear is like a cage, that it can hold us captive if we let it.

We are encouraged to pray, meditate and connect with God.

We are reminded too that Anger does not have to have a hold on us. But we are reminded too that there is such a thing as healthy anger. The author goes on to remind us that there is freedom from shame as well.

I give She is Free five out of five stars!

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