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Book Review: Hidden Women


Hidden Women: The African-American Women Mathematicians Who Helped America Win the Space Race
by Rebecca Rissman


History , Middle Grade
Pub Date 01 Feb 2018

I am reviewing a copy of Hidden Women through Captone and Netgalley:

In this Middle Grade book children from the ages of eight to twelve will learn how Four African American Women, mathematicians helped to launch Us rockets and Astronauts made it possible to launch U.S Rockets and astronauts into space.

Katherine Johnson had a gift for Math from a young age, she skipped grades and graduated-School at the age of fourteen, at eighteen she graduated from West Virginia State College with the highest honors got married and had children and got the only job she could at the time that of a teacher. Johnson enjoyed teaching but struggled to make ends meet, but in 1953 she was hired by NASA, in a segregated unit at first, her supervisor was Dorothy Vaughan, but after only two weeks she was handed her an on site assignment helping calculate numbers for the flight research division. Johnson faced resistance from her white co-workers many simply ignored her , but in time she got along well with her white coworkers!

Miriam Mamm was also one of the women who helped send man to space.

Mary Jackson was also one of Thea four African American Women who helped to launch man into space.

Annie Easley was a Computer Programmer for NASA , her computer skills helped launch rockets into Space..

These women were trailblazers for Women as well as African Americans and in fact they did things most men could not do to help send man into space.

I give Hidden Women five out of five stars!

Happy Reading !
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