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Book Review: A Passionate Hope


A Passionate Hope
Hannah's Story
by Jill Eileen Smith

Pub Date 06 Feb 2018

I am reviewing a copy of A Passionate Hope through Revell and Netgalley:

This book will transport us back to to the Old Testament time of Hannah and her husband Elkanah. Hannah and her husband Elkanah show a deep abiding love for each other as well as for his Tabernacle in Shiloh, but the corruption by the Priests greatly hurts them and they play for restoration and deliverance, but years pass and nothing changes. They also discover Hannah is barren.

After being pressured by his family Elkanah takes another wife Peninnah and she quickly begins to have children. Hannah feeling disgraced and taunted by Peninnah quickly turns to prayer, a prayer that seems to go unanswered. Her Husbands new wife taunts and teases her, but despite Peninnah's cruelty Hannah remains kind.

Hannah cannot help but wonder why her pleas are not answered, why her kindness to a cruel women don't seem to go noticed, or does it?

I give A Passionate Hope five out of five stars!

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