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5 years ago



Beer isn't the oldest alcoholic drink in the world, not even the second or third oldest. Instead, in order of age, the first fermented drinks were fruit-based, followed by honey-based drinks – mead and its variants – next fermented sweet tree-sap drinks such as palm wine, and only fourth, beer.
Total recorded alcohol per capita consumption (15+), in liters of pure alcohol. Purposeful production of alcoholic drinks is common and often reflects their cultural and ... The earliest evidence of alcohol in what is now China are jars from Jiahu ... around 3400 BC; its ruins contain the remains of the world's oldest brewery, ... 

But when it's an alcoholic beverage, preserved for centuries, that head-spinning feeling ... Here are the oldest drinks still in existence. ... on sediment from jars found in 1990 in a brewery housed in the Sun Temple of Nefertiti.

 Bear in mind that there is always a level of interpretation in these findings. Rice Mead, Jiahu, China: 7,000 BCE. Indian Mead, Rigveda Text, 4,000 BCE. Hebrew Wine, The Bible, c. 3,000 BCE. Etruscan Wine, 3,000 BCE. Babylonian Beer, 2,700 BCE.