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Apple Crumble Slices Recipe


Apple Crumble Slices Recipe

Here is a recipe that I have perfected over the years for delicious Apple Crumble slices. They can be made in various sizes and make great snacks or desserts for people of all ages!

You will need:

4-5 Medium sized apples (depending on how apple-y you'd like them to be!)
150g Butter - Any kind really.
2 Medium sized eggs - Free Range! be kind to animals.
2 Cups self raising flour
2 Cups sugar
1 teaspoon cinnamon - Ground works best.


1) Peel the apples, cut out the cores, and chop them into 1cm cubes.
2) Melt the Butter over a heat and transfer it into a jug/bowl.
3) Mix the eggs in with the butter and whisk together.
4) In a separate bowl, mix together the apples, sugar, and flour.
5) Combine all of the ingredients and press them into a large baking tray lined with foil. Use butter to prevent sticking.
6) Sprinkle over a thin layer of sugar, and add cinnamon if you like for extra taste.
6) Bake at 180 C for 40 minutes.
7) Cut into slices and enjoy!


It's always fun to add a little chocolate syrup, or even toffee syrup for a toffee apple taste! Adding berries such as blueberries and raspberries is also nice for a mixed fruit treat!
Serve with warm custard if preferred.
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