By Bekboo88
3 years ago

A basic routine (happy families)

Routine is the key to happiness and a stress free life

Everyone in our house hold knows what's happening at what time and it stops any confusion or stress or temper tantrums

My children age 8 and 2 very rarely get adjatated upset or nervous of any situations as they know throughout the day what the next step is

Wake up 7am

Cuddles in bed for 10 mins -make beds

Dressed and down stairs by 7.30am

Breckfast - eaten and washed up by 8am

Upstairs to brush teeth and do hair

Bit if play/tv time

8.20 shoes and coats on and bags ready to go

8.30 drop youngest at nursery

8.45 eldest to school

I then get home for 9am and do work from home

11.30 pick youngest from nursery

12am lunch time

Lots of fun and learning

2pm snack time

3pm leave to pick eldest from school

Mondays - swimming lessons after school

5pm tea time

6pm - supper and tv time

6.45pm storey in bed

7pm - lights out goodnight

This is the basic out lay of my daily routine and I stick to these times - if you don't this is when you have a problem 😱
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