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Sales Strategy: Sell Yourself in Teaching Online

Created on 10/05/2018 by

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Some freelancer who is in the field of teaching forgets the most strategic way to have virtual students. That is, to sell yourself while having classes with them. It is not easy but the skills can be enhanced while doing it again and again. Having soft skill is not enough, we need to incorporate the selling strategy in terms of business context is a concern.

In sales, there are only two things that can be offered to target market: tangible and intangible things. Products are considered tangible where customers will be availing of certain companies and services are intangible that customers avail in acquiring soft skills. One thing for sure, sales strategy is needed to gain profit from company’s target market. Selling yourself is the best tool to persuade the customers.

In the Philippines, it cannot be denied that online teaching is becoming the leading industry in providing virtual teachers to non-native speakers. A soft skill whereby the company will not need a huge amount of capital, they just need marketers in certain non-native countries such as China, Japan, Vietnam, etc. The company needs to avail computers, headset, and the internet if planning to put an office-based teaching online. At some point, they outsource the services by hiring virtual teachers to work at home. Take note of this, if you are aspiring to teach online; it would be better to work at home because you can earn more than working in an office-based teaching facility.

A successful online virtual teacher can able to cope up the changes happening in the company and follow the rules by the book. Things will work smoothly and continued to work on having loyal virtual students. It will take a lot of time, the worth of self-improvement is worth it. Patience is the key to dealing with non-native speaker students. Despite the bad feedback coming from the virtual students, it will serve as the basis on how to deal with them with the enhancement of selling oneself.

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