By JordsCee
4 years ago

Why getting up early is worth it!

For a start, you get a view like above- when the light is just starting to catch on the clouds and rise above the landscape in hues of orange and yellow.

Aesthetics of sunsets isn't the only reason why you should get up earlier either- productivity is another! We've all been in that stage of the day, where you look at the clock or the date, and think "is it then already?" Time hates us, we hate time. But imagine getting up early (horrifying I know) going on about your daily routine, only to check the time and find it's hours earlier than when you'd do it usually. It means more time for chilling, for doing what you want and not rushing.

Surely that should be reason enough?
2 years
Somebody once said that they liked their morning to be as well-ironed as the shirt they put on!
2 years
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lemueld very inspiring article
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