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Why a red dragon is the symbol of Wales

The flag of Wales is dominated by a handsome red dragon. Why? According to the 12th century chronicler Geoffrey of Monmouth it all goes back to the legends surrounding King Arthur and Merlin.

The story, as told by Geoffrey, concerns Vortigern, who may have been a Celtic king who ruled in central England and Wales in the 5th century AD. The name translates as “supreme leader” so it may be more of a title that applied to a succession of kings rather than to just one man. However, Geoffrey was happy to assume that Vortigern was one person.

According to Geoffrey, Vortigern tried to build a strong fortress tower in Snowdonia. However, all the work done during the day was reduced to ruins every night. The druids advised him that the only way to make the building secure was to sacrifice a “fatherless child”, because the child’s blood in the tower’s foundations would ensure that it never fell down.

A young boy was found who fitted the bill, because he was the product of a demon and a princess. However, before he could be killed he spoke up and said that he knew why the tower kept falling down.

This was because, deep down below the tower, was a pool of water in which there was a huge stone chest, and in this chest two dragons were constantly fighting each other. The vibrations caused by their nightly battles were what undermined the tower.

Vortigern ordered his men to dig down and, sure enough, they found the chest and opened it. The two dragons, one red and one white, flew out and continued their fight in the air. The red dragon won the battle and killed the white dragon.

The boy explained that the white dragon represented the Saxons from overseas who would invade the country and threaten the Celtic Britons. The red dragon represented the Celts of Wales who would stand against the invaders and hold them back for a time.

The boy said that his name was Merlin. He prophesied that Vortigern would be killed but a greater king, named Arthur, would follow in his place. Arthur would bear the symbol of the red dragon on the crest of his helmet.

And that is why the symbol of Wales has, ever since, been the red dragon!
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