By Lutfur1
3 years ago

Who was the first emperor in the world


In the ancient Babylonians time there was the first emperor in the world. A century of ruling from Iraq to Egypt and India and Ethiopia.
The ruler was Sargon his capital was the city akkad of iraq.
The ruler was the head of the akkadians and the Sumerians people.
Like the story of moses
Sargon life begins when he was put into a basket and floated in the river only then to be rescued by a gardener and and the latter grew up to work for the king and moved up to the ranks in the king regimes.However the king fled the country under attacked by the mini Sumerian empire king.
Sargon then took on the mini empire Sumerian king and defeated the king to become the king and emperor of Babylon.And his empire ruled the Mesopotamian land and the Persian gulf and have been witnessed to have reached the far east and north Africa.