By Barnacks
5 years ago

When I got lost

It was in a time that I didn`t knew how I felt.
Lost in my thoughts.
I felt like an empty container.
I had no appetite.
Couldn't sleep.
In the solitude.
Spending seconds like hours.
Swimming between a thought gray sea.
I was not interested in anything.
Without feeling hot or cold.
Out of time.
A spiraling of upset.
Standing in the middle of a tiny breeze.
Floating in nothingnes.s
Already burnt.
Stuck on myself.
In the dispair.
The self portraits help to see itself so I started to do it.
I locked myself in the drawing to never feel this way again.
5 years
Tiggerfantoo You have to ask yourself... why did you get to that state, what triggered it, what caused it, that maybe where you could find the cure
5 years
5 years
Lutfur1 The cure could be a nutritional supplement telomeres but do your own research please
5 years
3 years
indexer As a poem, I'm afraid this doesn't work for me.
3 years