By BoyWithAUke
4 years ago

What does a social media influencer actually do?

From someone who actually is a social media influencer, I have some inside knowledge on what being a social media influencer is like... I actually don't.

But, it does have its benefits. If you are spreading a positive message through social media, you are encouraging positive vibes into the hearts of others, which is a beautiful thing to watch. I've been on social media for around 2 years now and managed to build up a following of 27,000 followers on twitter. It might not seem much, but I'm proud of what I've achieved.

I never really expected to do it. My plan was to become a musician and actor and travel the world. But with social media, it has opened up so much more. Meeting people, talking to fans and much more. It is very satisfying to watch a tweet get likes and retweets. But it does have its downfalls. For example, I'll tweet something and it will get roughly 10 RT's. But when I post something about my music, I'll get 1. That's the part of social media I don't like. When you try to improve your own life, but no one really gives a shit. It does hurt. But also, it can work in your favour. It's all about the right time and place.

I hope you enjoy my blogs. If you have any questions or constructive criticism for me, then pleas don't hesitate to ask!

Peace and love!
4 years
Borderline your posts are interesting man! social media influencer must be a hard job. I think that you should post your music or tutorials here and in youtube, that would get you more and more followers! Tutorials of how to play have actually a lot of visits!
4 years