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What are the symbols of the signs?

Probably the symbols of the 12 Zodiacs are well known, but have you ever considered what they mean? Here is the hidden meaning of the zodiacal symbols.


The symbol of this sign is an unambiguous image of the animal's horn of ram. But the sign can be read in several other ways. The symbol of this sign resembles an explosion that is associated with the beginning and creation. The fact that Aries is the first sign of the zodiac complements this idea. The symbol of this sign is also bound to the image of God Ram, and many like it to two crescent


At first glance, the symbol of Taurus looks like a bull's head, but it also represents the Sun and the Moon. It is questionable, however, whether the circle in the symbol symbolizes the Sun, Earth or full moon, but it is believed that the Taurus sign generally symbolizes the creation and the cycle of life.


The sign of twins is two crescent moons, which are both together and separated. This sign symbolizes material and spiritual, harmony and imbalance, the dual nature in general. The symbol of the Gemini sign is also likened to the door to new ideas, to other worlds, and so on. That is why Gemini is thought to have a sense of supernatural.


The symbol of this sign depicts two cricket claws that seem to be shaking hands. The sign also closely resembles a Yin and Yang symbol, and the two circles connect again with the Sun and Moon, creating the idea of ​​harmony, balance, and cyclicity.


The symbol of Leo is believed to come from the Greek letter Lambda, with which the word lion begins in Greek. The sign of the zodiac looks a lot like a long-tailed lion's head or a mane back. Some people liken it to a sperm, which symbolizes the strong nature of this sign. The circle is the image of the Sun, with which the zodiac is directly related.


This is the only female zodiac sign, and its sign symbolizes the woman's beginning. At first glance, you can see "M", which connects with the mother.


The Scales sign literally resembles a scale, but also symbolizes the Sun and the Horizon, sunset and sunrise, harmony, balance, justice, and the constant wandering of the Libra Sign between two extremes.


The scorpion's mark is much like Virgo. Again, you see "M", but in this case the letter is associated with Mortal, which is complemented by an out-of-the-way Skorpion tail with an arrow at its end. The sign of this sign unambiguously suggests a danger. The arrow speaks of the purposefulness of this sign, and also relates to the male principle and sexuality, again inherent to the Scorpio.


The sign of this sign very clearly resembles an arrow, which is a symbol of progress, clear ideas and goals, the sincerity so characteristic of the representatives of this sign. The arrow points upwards, which speaks of the fact that the Arrows can hardly be pulled down and regularly worn somewhere in the clouds in their world.


This sign symbolizes the goat's horns and the mermaid tail, the earth and the sea, the harmony, but also the imbalance between the two. This sign fully depicts the dual nature of the Capricorns.


The Aquarius sign clearly reminds of two waves, the zigzag lines pointing to a stormy sea in symbiosis with the character of this sign. The two lines also remind you of the sign of equality, of tide and outflow and the achievement of perfect harmony.


The Pisces sign symbolizes the movement and the circle of life. The trailing lines, however, suggest the end of a cycle, as Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. The Pig symbol also symbolizes their dual nature of dreamers and realists, of thinking and acting.

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