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Vlad Tepes

Vlad Tepes was the Feudal Lord of the Carpathians, also known as "The Impaler". He lived in the fifteenth century and he's considered the original Dracula by some cultures, because of the Romanian mythology of vampirism, but he wasn't a real vampire. More than 10.000 people were murdered by him, almost a 20% of the population. He was a tyrant and a very ruthless warrior.

Born the 1428 in Sighisoara, firstborn of Prince Vlad, nicknamed Dracul (devil) by its cruelty and cold blood, characteristics that inherited its son along with the alias of Draculea, that means son of the devil. Those times, Romania was being harassed by the Ottoman Empire and the Hungarians, and the Romanian Nobles fighting themselves. When Vlad was just a child his father delivered him to the Turks, allies against the Hungarians.

With the help of the Turks, he ascended the Wallachia throne, after his father got murdered by Hungarian nobleman Iancu de Hunedoara. Since he ascended, it was clear that he doesn't want to get married, and first of all he decided to finish the war inside of Wallachia, so he invited all the nobles to a feast, but they were finally part of the food. They were tied, placed face down and impaled with blunt stakes that penetrated more slowly in his body so the torture lasted longer. Some took three days to die.

Turks invaded Wallachia after Vlad rise against them and denied the taxes. He had to flee to Hungaria, but he got jailed. After 12 years was released, and he returned to the throne of Wallachia, which had been occupied by his brother Radu the Beautiful.

His last known action was the fight against the turks in the battle of Vaslui with the troops of the prince Esteban Bathory. In 1476, he was murdered in a ambush, probably by his soldiers, which surrendered his head to the Turks. The trophy was hung from a stake in the center of Istanbul.

His corpse was never found, supposedly buried in the monastery of Snagov. In Romania
was venerated like champion of the Christianity against the Muslim invasion, although always it is represented to him with the star of eight points, never with a cross.

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