By Mckinsey
3 years ago

UFC: Stipe Micoic Is Defending Title Against Junior Dos Santos

I am a huge fan of mixed martial arts and the UFC. I am also a huge fan of the UFC's current heavyweight champion, Stipe Miocic. This is why I am excited about this May, which is when he will defend his title next.

His opponent is Junior Dos Santos. Dos Santos is a former UFC heavy weight champion and he is the last person who has defeated Miocic. However, since losing to Dos Santos, Miocic has been on a roll and has defeated a number of opponents.

I'm looking forward to seeing Miocic defend his title, and I believe he'll defeat Dos Santos this time around. Guess we'll find out in May whether or not he retains the title.

(Photo via Pixabay, Public domain/Creative Commons)
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