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Tropical Storm in the Philippines

Saturday, December 23, 2017
It is 9:21 pm on a Saturday night, and I am browsing on my Facebook page while watch the Tales of the Crypt movie. I suddenly notice a news article about tropical storms in the southern part of Philippines. Over 100 Filipinos have died by the Tembin tropical storm, as well as many people are displaces because their home and property have been destroyed. Over 160 are also missing. I watched a video which displays a muddy flood, landslides and mudslides. It appears to be in Zamboanga, Philippines.
Moreover, this storm continued moving toward the Sulu Sea with winds blowing 50 mph, killing people in the Lanao del Norte and Lanao del Sur province, which is located on the Zamboanga Peninsula. It also killed 75 people in Mindanao Island, and 58 people appear to be missing. Flash floods have destroyed Anungan fishing village, in which 30 people are missing. Rescuers found five bodies. Emergency shelters are filling up with over a thousand villagers, while many people remain in airports and seaports because their trip is cancelled. Tropical Storm Tembin blew over the west section of Palawan province, which is toward the South China Sea. Another section that has been destroyed is Marawi, which is located in Lanao del Sur.
Meanwhile, in Davo, Paolo Duterte, in the Philippines, there was a big fire at a shopping mall, which kills over 37 people, and most of these people work at a call center. They assume that these 37 people are likely to be dead. The fire started on Saturday, at a furniture store, and it quickly moved toward the third level of the mall. So far, six people have been found and taken to a hospital.
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