By Tutor1
3 years ago

The Things We Should Do Today.

Today is the day of reckoning! Things that are happening and that we, should have in mind..

#1 The light of life is willing to breathe through us. But will we?
#2 Order seems to be the process!
#3 Let things happen is for the best*

Things that we have in mind are there to be taken..!

#1 Let the true potential be viable today..
#2 It will all be over soon.
#3 Regardless seems to be the way i'm going.

So we will just let the life that we have make it's imprint in our mind as well as our lives and we go on and find out for ourselves.

What do you say?

Just a few notes today.
3 years
Borderline I haven't slept for 24 hours, I'll mark it and read it tomorrow!
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