By Deepizzaguy
3 years ago

The long wait is over for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Before Super Bowl 52 was played on February 4, 2018, a couple of thoughts ran through my mind before the Big Game was played in Minneapolis Minnesota.
The first thought was that since the fictional boxing character Rocky Balboa hails from Philadelphia, the Philadelphia Eagles would play the role of the heavyweight boxer of the same name.
Their opponents the Super Bowl who were the New England Patriots would play the role of heavyweight boxing champ Apollo Creed who like the Patriots is a flashy type of sports star.
Super Bowl 52 was a rematch of Super Bowl 39 in which the Patriots won in a close game. However my gut feeling was telling me that if Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was going to retire at the end of Super Bowl 52, then the Patriots would win since it would be "Win one for Tom." but since Tom Brady insists he will return to play football in 2018, I was hoping that the Eagles would win Super Bowl for the first time in their team history.
Lo and behold the Eagles who last won any National Football League title was in 1960 when they beat the Green Bay Packers in the only loss as a head coach of the Packers who was the late Vince Lombardi in any championship game.
I was also hoping the Eagles would win since the last thing I wanted to see on the idiot box on ESPN was the Philadelphia Eagles complaining that their team lost in another championship game.
However the Eagles fans did try to tear down their city to "celebrate" their championship win in Super Bowl 52.
In the words of my original character Panama Squirrel would say "Gee whiz. Act like you have been there before. The Roberto Duran Gymnasium in Panama City Panama which used to be called "New Panama Gymnasium."