By BoyWithAUke
3 years ago

THE GAME OF LOANS. The main Stuggle of being a student.

Now, it's very common knowledge that every student comes with a bag load of debt. But how do you prevent it? Well, from my experience as a first year student, not to get debt is simple... Don't get an education.

It's absolutely disgusting that students get penalised for wanting to better theirselves in life and have a safe and secure future, but at the cheap price of nearly £10,000 per year.

Plus having to take out another loan to pay for rent, and it doesn't even cover it. I pay roughly £600-700 a month on a tiny studio flat and my student loan doesn't cover that.

Most students can't even find work, due to the lack of hours they can do due to the amount of work load we have. Believe me, I've been applying for jobs, student grants and funding, but this all comes with a huge amount of stupid paper work to fill out.

"What is this transaction for £12.34 taken out on the 6th August 1900?" (Was trying to be funny for that date because student support always ask EVERY. LITTLE. DETAIL. ABOUT. YOUR. FINANCES). It is such a stressful ordeal being a student, but if you are a student, just stick it out. No matter what your situation, it won't last long. Hopefully. I'm not sure. Everything I've wrote in this article, I'm going through just now. So I'll keep you updated on how everything is.

Peace and love!
3 years
Borderline It is actually so expensive to study in this country. Not everyone can afford it!
3 years