By AbbyLeigh
5 years ago

The Burlesque Quota

As a burlesque dancer I’m often asked “how?”. Now this is a question that often startles me, because as I begin to tell the tale of how much I rehearse, where I started, how I star- I’m interrupted with a….
“No, No I mean… How?” with a slightly patronising overtone
“I mean your quite small… in all regions” as their hands gesture of their chests. Subtle.

Now let’s pause, I am not offended just confused
So I’ll save you some confusion of this disillusion
The fundamentals of Burlesque does not state entry requirements for me nor you.
“Yeah what you lack in (gestures again), well you have an ‘A**’”
As nice as that compliment is, I have a secret.
I am not lacking in anything.
I have substance and layers, how can I be lacking?
And this isn’t arrogance just confidence not too mistake the two
I don’t mind when the intentions are innocent but questioning my how when you’re trying to undermine is not

So I’ll tell you “How?”, not to annoy or too offend
Burlesque doesn’t discriminate not by size, gender, ethnicity or age. It doesn’t marginalise, it doesn’t ostracize
And honestly that is the naked truth…
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