By Lutfur1
3 years ago

Store detective


Next time your out shopping be on the lookout for the store detective. The old fashioned shop keeping is over now days because if your out shopping this fella is the person to impress not only he is a store detective but also takes care of your shopping trip. It happened to me as I went to buy light bulbs at a pound land store I was just checking the bulbs were correct and looked inside the package but didn't damage it and then there he came upto me and said I shoplifted in the shop before I told him to call the police if I had done that but he would not and asked me to leave the store I spoke to the manager and she kept quiet she could not agree or disagree to anything as if the store detective decision was final so I left the store now next time you bump into a store detectve it is wise to be on your guard because if he doesn't want you to shop in the store then you will have to shop somewhere else and if it happens every store you go then I'm afraid you will have no shopping to take home.
3 years
complicated That's awful!!! Oh well they just lost a customer
3 years

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