By Michellekidwell
3 years ago

She Stood Tall, Even When She Could Not Stand At All (Poem)

We are never defeated unless we give up on God.  Ronald Regan
She refused to listen
As they said what she
Could not do.
They put constraints on her
With words
Like Spinal Cord Injury
And broken dreams.
She stood strong
In the midst of the storm
Even when she could not stand
At all.
She looked to her faith
And to the God she knew,
The faith that saw her through
She listened
As they tried to
Tear her spriit down
With foreign words
That should have broke her heart
But even when she could not stand
She stood tall.
She would not give
In to the pitry or the tears
Instead she searched deeper
And found a stronger place
In her Faith.
Copyright Michelle R Kidwell
3:48 P.M PST
3 years
Natasha You have a great talent..keep it up
3 years