By Priscilla
3 years ago

See what our toes are saying

1. First type The most common type. People with this kind of fingers are very social, love to communicate and go often. They have a wonderful personality, are respected by many and have great skills in delivering presentations and speeches. They have successful careers because their communication is on a high level and they succeed in creating important contacts.

2. Second type These people are very emotional and impulsive. All decisions in their lives are taken not by reason, but by the heart. They are good in the shower and often remain misunderstood. In love they are devoted and their connections are lasting, last long and full of meaning.

3. Third type Calm and balanced people who do not act impulsively and judge each situation and then make the right decision. Everyone relies on their sober judgment and often wants advice from them if needed. 4. Fourth type Inspired, loving, creative, and colorful personalities that are rare today. People with this type are artistic, they can see the positive in every situation and are very kind to the others. Golden!
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