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SPEA, the Portuguese Society for Bird Studies, confirmed that the seagull population is growing and attributed its inland occupation, particularly in coastal towns and fishing villages, to the "over-abundance of food resources."
The growth has been met with annoyance from a number of residents from such areas, who complain not only about the noise that the birds make but also of being intimidated by nesting gulls who "vociferously" protect their young.
Susan Sobral, who lives in the fishing village of Ferragudo (Lagoa), told The Portugal News: "There are seagulls nesting on a chimney on a residential building at the end of my road, and every time I walk past with my dog they dive-bomb straight at me, squawking with their feet stretched out and flap within inches of my head. They terrify me!"
An unnamed resident of that same building has resorted to wearing a hat whenever he walks out to protect his head.
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