By docxdrl
1 years ago


It is the only place life so good for me 😊, though dealing with the children is not easy.....

Am sure we all have the place we find joy, for me is the class.

Then I would love ❤ to ask where do you find your own joy.

What brings smiles to your own face, what wakes you up knowing when you accomplish it, life is perfect for you?

I wish we could share the one thing that gives us joy 😂

People the world is changing like a change engine, should we go with the Flow or remain a constant in out own way?

Should we try to find joy 😂 or should we try to find peace ✌?

The decision I leave to you
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Violeta Great article dear
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docxdrl @Violeta thanks, hope you enjoyed it
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soncee Beautiful artikle my dear
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